LQ-WCL Blanket Wash Cloth for cleaning blanket

Nowadays, the printing press is becoming more and more intelligent. After 2009, more domestic and foreign printing presses such as Heidelberg, Komori and Mitsubishi have automatic cleaning function. The automatic cleaning cloth is used to replace the traditional leather washing water to scrub the rubber, which not only improves the safety, but also improves the efficiency.

Products Details

1. Superior liquid absorption performance to completely achieve the cleaning effect; The uniform, smooth and soft surface will not damage the blanket and carcass; 2. It is made of high-quality non-woven fabric, with good tensile strength and high wear resistance, without wool falling off and fiber falling off; 3. The dry cloth has strong performance of absorbing ink, water and oil stains, and can effectively take away the residual paper wool dust. It can fully meet the required cleanliness; 4. Greatly reduce the use of cleaning agent, reduce the harm of VOC to staff, and purify the environment of printing workshop.1.Higher printing quality Only a clean rubber stick can print fine print Even a small amount of dust residue and fiber chips will destroy the whole printing effect The use of automatic cleaning rolls can not only help increase production, but also improve your printing quality and work efficiency 2.Less cost and time Today, with the increasing labor cost, the use of automatic cleaning roll can not only improve the quality, but also replace the defect of slow and unsatisfactory manual cleaning, effectively reduce the cleaning time and improve the production efficiency  3. Lower loss It has strong liquid absorption capacity and low desquamation, and still has high strength even in wet state It can quickly and thoroughly erase the ink and solvent on the rubber stick, and will not deform or crack under tension, so as to improve the utilization rateHeidelberg,KBA, Komori, Mitsubishi offset printing machine.Dry and wet, white or blue

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