LQ-FP Analog Flexo Plates for Flexible Packaging and Labels

Medium hard plate, optimized for the printing of designs that combine halftones and solids in one plate.Ideal for all absorbent and non-absorbent commonly used substrates (i.e. plastic and aluminium foil, coated and uncoated boards, preprint liner).High solid density and minimum dot gain in the halftone.Wide exposure latitude and good relief depths.Suitable for the use with water and alcohol-based printing inks.

Products Details

1.All processing parameters depend on, among others, the processing equipment, lamp age and the type of washout solvent. The above-mentioned values are only to be used as a guide. 2.Suitable for all water based and alcohol-based printing inks. (ethyl acetate content preferably below 15%, ketone content preferably below 5%, not designed for solvent or UV inks) Alcohol based ink can be treated as water ink. 3.All the Flexo plates in the market are all not comparable with solvent ink, they can use but it is their(customers) risk. For UV Ink, so far all of our plates cannot works with UV inks, but some of customer use it and get the good result but it doesn’t mean others one can get the same result. We are now researching the new type of Flexo plates it is works with UV ink.
Analogue Plate for Label & Flexible Packaging
170 228
Technical Characteristics
Thickness (mm/inch) 1.70/0.067 2.28/0.090
Hardness(Shore Å) 64 53
Image Reproduction 2 – 95% 133lpi 2 – 95% 133lpi
Minimum Isolated Line(mm) 0.15 0.15
Minimum Isolated Dot(mm) 0.25 0.25
Processing Parameters
Back Exposure(s) 20-30 30-40
Main Exposure(min) 6-12 6-12
Washout Speed(mm/min) 140-180 140-180
Drying Time (h) 1.5-2 1.5-2
Post ExposureUV-A (min) 5 5
Light Finishing UV-C (min) 5 5

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